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Routine appointments are for non-urgent problems.

Patients will be offered a pre-bookable telephone consultation with a GP. If the GP feels that a face to face consultation is required, s/he will discuss this with you during your telephone consultation and a convenient appointment will be agreed.

By Phone

Call 01978 860625

A trained member of our Patient Services Team will ask you some simple questions to ensure you are given an appointment with the right health professional as quickly as possible.

Online via Florey

Click here to book online

Select the option to ‘Submit a non-urgent request’.

Urgent Appointments

Triage Service

For urgent appointments please see information on our triage service.

Who should I see?


  • One of the doctors – our most highly qualified staff member
  • May have a specialist area of expertise
  • Can perform all necessary examinations and prescribe almost all drugs
  • Can make referrals to specialists and arrange hospital admission
  • Only has a 15 minute appointment
  • Tends to have longest waiting times

Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP)

  • Our most highly qualified nurse
  • Many years of experience
  • Can perform some examinations and prescribe certain drugs
  • Can deal with many minor illnesses
  • Can make referrals and admit to hospital
  • Tends to have shorter waiting times
  • Cannot provide “Fit Notes” for work

Practice Nurse

  • Manages the routine care of long-term conditions such as diabetes and COPD
  • Limited prescribing
  • Can have longer appointments
  • Often the best option if you have questions about your long-term condition or the associated medication

Healthcare Assistant (HCA)

  • Can check blood pressure, pulses, take blood samples and measure height and weight
  • Tend to be more accessible
  • Cannot prescribe
  • Often the best option if you want a periodic “health-check” for peace of mind. They will report any abnormal findings to the doctors to see if any action is required

Community Pharmacist

  • Can advise on and review medications
  • Can give advice and treatment for a range of common ailments without having to make a GP appointment under the Common Ailments Scheme
  • Can provide smoking cessation advice
  • Can provide emergency contraception

You can find out more about a particular condition or get self-care advice at The NHS website and

What to expect from your GP practice